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Upcoming Workshops

Pharmacology with Charlene Jensen Saturday, Sunday, Monday-August 24, 25, 26, 2013 9am-530pm $400.00 This useful course teaches about current drugs and their interactions. Charlene Jensen has been a Natropathic practitioner and teacher for many years. She has taught at WuHsing

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Water, the element that fills our reservoirs, and has the power to sustain life. Inside us it provides fluids for every cell, sustaining our whole being with reserves. It fills the reservoirs of our minds with knowledge, and endows it

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The element  provides quality and value in nature through purification, as witnessed In autumn when the trees shed their leaves, while saving the essence the sap in the roots. Much the same in us, the metal assures our ability to

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The element shows itself especially in late summer, at harvest time. It manifests as nature’s time of plenty, providing an abundance of nourishment on every level. It feeds the mother and the child inside of us through our stomach and

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The element is characteristic of heat, from blossoming to propagation. It is seen in nature at its peak in summer. Inside us, it manifests in the function of our heart and small intestines as unfolding, maturing individuation, reaching out to

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The element, characteristic and of growth, direction and strength. Witnessed in nature, it occurs especially in spring. Inside us, this energy controls the function of liver and the gallbladder, and provides the ability to plan and to make decisions, to

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