Academic Calender example

Year 1 & 2
Academic Instruction
  • Art of Learning Workshop
  • Seminar 1
    Practicum/Point Location
  • Seminar 2
    Practicum/Point Location
    Pre-Milestone Meeting
  • Seminar 3
    Practicum/Point Location
  • Seminar 4
    Practicum/Point Location
  • Seminar 5
    Practicum/Point Location
    Milestone Meeting I
  • Seminar 6
    Practicum/Point Location
  • Seminar 7
    Practicum/Point Location
    Milestone Meeting II
    Begin Observation Phase
  • Seminar 8
    Practicum/Point Location
  • Seminar 9
    Practicum/Point Location
  • Seminar 10
    Practicum/Point Location
    Milestone Meeting III
  • Seminar 11(Preparation for Clinical Internship)

Note: Seminars are Friday through Monday, 9:00am-5:30pm
(meets every other month)
Practicum/Point Location are Fridays & Saturdays, 9:00am-1:30pm
(meets 2x a month)

Within the first 2 years the following courses are offered, and must be completed before entering the Clinical Internship:

Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II
Biochemistry in Nutrition
Survey of Biomedical Science
Alternative Systems of Oriental Medicine (non-5E Acupuncture)
Alternative Systems of Oriental Medicine (Asian Bodywork)

Year 3.5
Clinical Internship
  • Clinical Skills Development Workshops
    (Saturdays & Sundays, 9:00am-5:30pm, once a month)
  • Phase I: One clinic shift per week
  • Phase II and III: Two clinic shifts per week
  • Milestone Meeting IV
  • NCCAOM Exam Preparation Course
  • NADA / Community Outreach
  • Tongue Diagnosis
  • Chinese Patent Herb Course
  • Milestone Meeting V

Note: Scheduled dates are subject to change