Classical Five Element Acupuncture & Psychology Diploma Program

The Nature of the Program

The Classical Five Element Tradition requires that the practitioner develops certain personal abilities and strengths, as well as an increased sensitivity in order to become an instrument of this system of medicine. Therefore, challenging the student to undergo personal growth is equally important to making sure they understand the fundamental theories of this system of acupuncture. In addition to gathering academic knowledge through seminars, study, memorization, assignments, point location, practicum and exams, the instructors will push the student to grow personally into a practitioner able to diagnose and treat using the Classical Five Element system.

This system of medicine relies on the practitioner’s ability to perceive manifestations of energy. The students are asked to have an intellectual understanding of the mechanisms of the vital energy, but beyond that, they are challenged to know this experiential. They are guided to observe changes in the environment, in nature and also within themselves including their feelings and their emotions. From receiving personal acupuncture treatments, a requirement of the School, they begin to distinguish between energetic changes resulting from external circumstances and those resulting from their treatments.

The school’s emphasis on the psychology assures that the student develops responsible independent judgement, is sensitive to the needs of others, and is able to asses each situation and condition that presents itself in his/her practice, and meets the challenges of emotions and personal conflicts as they arise.

The Essence of the Program

WuHsing believes we take our students on a journey. At the onset of this endeavor the students are introduced to the concept, “becoming an instrument of this system of medicine”.  Then as they progress through the program, they experience and understand how their training develops their ability to embody and to manifest this concept energetically.

We ask the students to contemplate and work toward embodying a set of core principles. These principles are taught through personalized exercises, art work and art experiences, literature and poetry, 5 Element rituals, archetypal mask making, history and practice of calligraphy and Chinese brush painting, and 5 Element psychology and Jungian principles. Putting these teachings into practice ultimately guides the student to become an instrument of Classical Five Element Acupuncture.