Core Competencies


The core competencies are the learning and self-development goals that students strive to achieve throughout the program. There are many technical, practical and experiential components that allow the student to develop sensitivity, and the necessary skills to practice acupuncture with confidence and certainty. The student learns how to address all health issues, from emergencies to long-standing chronic physical conditions, as well as states of mind from depression to the desire to improve one’s emotional or spiritual life. Students are evaluated from these core competencies throughout their education.

Graduates of WuHsing Tao School are expected to achieve the following core competencies:

  • Broad Knowledge of the Field
  • Critical Thinking and the ability for Analysis of Clinical Data
  • Synthesis of a Diagnosis
  • Communication and Rapport Building
  • Therapeutic Planning
  • Self Realization and Reflection
  • Business Skills and Practice Management
All core competencies are assessed by exams, evaluations, observations, applied research assignments, practicum, point location, and clinical training.