Five Element Psychology Program







Forces in Life’s Relationships- 9 Months, 100 Hours

Months 1-9    

Nine workshops days and nine sessions in Five Element Psychology.

Structured and Supervised Field Research Component

Applied Research Assignments and Literary Research Assignments

Sub-Total Hours = 90                                    


Oral Exam

5 Element Presentation: Consists of one (1) individual presentation to their instructors and classmates.

Sub-Total Hours= 10

Total Hours= 100


Cost of Program: $3,300

To be paid in three (3) payments of $1,100, one month before- the 1st workshop, the 4th workshop, and the 6th workshop.
Where: 4000 NE 41st St., Seattle WA 98105, Suite 1, Bldg. D.
Information + Registration: contact Chaitania at

206-853-5981  /  Email: