Courses & Credits


Courses and Credits for Licensure Diploma Program

First Year – Foundation of Five Element Acupuncture & Related Subjects

PS400    The Art of Learning- Preparatory Workshop & Research
OM401   Philosophy/History of Oriental Medicine
OM403   Surface Anatomy
FE404     Meridians and Points I
PS405     Five Element Psychology I, Counseling
FE406     Traditional Five Element Diagnosis I
FE407     Five Element Acupuncture Therapeutics I
PL408     Point Location Class
FE409     Practicum
FE410     Introduction to Five Element Case Studies
OM411    Literary Research I
OM412    Meditation of OM
Sub Total: 42 credits

Second Year – Advanced Foundation of Five Element Acupuncture & Related Subjects

PS513     Five Element Psychology II: Ethics & Roleplay
FE514     Five Element Acupuncture Therapeutics II
FE515     Meridians and Points II, III
FE516     Traditional Five Element Diagnosis II
PS5175E Psychology III, Ethics, Patient/Practice Management
FE518     Therapeutics III, Special Techniques & Procedures
PL519     Advanced Point Location Class
FE520    Advanced Practicum
PS521    The Art of Learning – Thesis Project
OM522   Alternative Systems of Oriental Medicine
OM523   Annotated Bibliography
OM524   Advanced 5E Case Studies
OM525   Literary Research II
OM526   Advanced Meditation of OM
Sub Total: 38 credits
Total: 80 credits

Third Year -Clinical Internship Supervised Treatments

Five Element Acupuncture Clinical Internship        250 Supervised Treatments
Specialty Clinics, Acupuncture Detox              150 Supervised Treatments

Total: 400 (100 first time treatments)


Total Program Hours

Didactic Instruction
Seminars 1-10-  320 Hours
The Art of Learning – Preparatory Workshop & Thesis Project- 15 Hours
Alternative System of Oriental Medicine- 30 Hours
Practicum-  60 Hours
Point-Location Classes-  120 Hours
Being In Service- 30 Hours
DSM IV 1 & 2 & Five Element Psychology & Diagnosis- 20 Hours
Total Hours-  600

Counseling, communication, ethics, and practice management 90 Hours (This subject matter is contained in the above hours and courses)
Non-contact hours
(A structured and supervised field research component)
Applied Research Assignments- 585 Hours
Literary Research-  60 Hours
Total Hours- 645

Biomedical Clinical Sciences (46 credits)
Courses taught on-site-  190 Hours
Science courses completed at other colleges-  270 Hours
Total Hours- 460
Preceptorship/Observation- 150 Hours
Seminar 11: Preparation for Clinic- 32 Hours
Total Hours-  182

Clinical Internship Hours
Supervised Practice-  630 Hours
Clinical Skills Development-  180 Hours
NADA -Detox Supervised Practice-  40 Hours
Being In Service- 10 Hours
Art of Learning- Thesis Presentation- 15 Hours
Survey of Biomedical Science/Pathology:Medical Referral 30 Hours
Total Hours-  910

Grand Total-  2,979 Hours