Educational Objectives

ChaiEmma0373Graduates will be able to:

  • ┬áDemonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, including its roots in Oriental medicine, philosophy and culture.
  • Utilize the skills necessary to diagnose the cause of the patient’s disease by developing their ability to touch, feel, smell, see and hear, and to read the 12 pulses.
  • Create a treatment plan for each patient that addresses individual needs.
  • Employ the range of clinical methods and techniques required to perform Five Element treatments including needle insertion, moxabustion, point selection, and intent.
  • Demonstrate their understanding of themselves as embodiments of each of the Five Elements, and be able to adapt their treatments to the personality of the patient in order to provide the most effective care possible.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to identify medical emergencies and medical conditions requiring referral to conventional or other health care practitioners.
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the requirements needed to operate a legal and effective acupuncture practice, including scheduling, patient management, keeping and complying with all safety, legal and healthcare provider regulations.