Event Hosting

Entrance0005We are delighted to offer to host classes and events that contribute to WuHsing Tao School’s vision, since it is an important aspect of the mission of the school to foster an educational community dedicated to energy medicine. We are committed to playing a meaningful role in shaping the healthcare of the future by educating practitioners and healthcare providers as well as the public.




Fees/ Deposit/ Refund

  1. Fee: 25% of the per person admission price, that the event takes in. (A $200 a day minimum),
  2. A deposit of $200.00 is required in order to secure the space upon agreement.
  3. This contract agreement between both parties may be terminated by giving a 30 day notice. Total refund before 30 days; after 30 days no refund.
  4. When sending a flyer, please send as a PDF, to post on WuHsing website and for the waiting room board.
  5. 20 chairs are provided by WuHsing. More chairs will be obtained by the
  1. WuHsing copy machine fee is 10 cents a page.
  2. $200.00 deposit will be returned the Friday following the event, if space meets these
    conditions: (See WuHsing Rep Checklist for closing after Workshop)


  1. In order to ensure that the needs of both the facilitator/group and the hosts are met, WuHsing reserves the right to allow one of their representatives to attend all or part of the event, free of charge.
  2. The building, per Washington State Law, is a completely non-smoking area.
  3. Use of candles or incense must be used only on the altar.

WuHsing Requirements Upon Agreement:

  1. Current curriculum vitae (resume) of instructor(s) or lecture(s).
  2. Copy of current licenses or credentials, if CEU’s are to be awarded.
  3. Course description.
  4. Copy of all advertising materials.

Facility Amenities

  1. Audio-visual equipment including: projector (must provide own laptop), DVD/VCR combination, projector, stereo system, microphone.
  2. Wireless internet.
  3. Fax services available.
  4. You can bring or make tea and coffee in the Kitchen upstairs, as well as bring food. (Please no food in classroom)
  5. Free on-site parking.
  6. Lodging Facilities available on the Talaris Campus. Contact Talaris to reserve. (Discount for WuHsing guests).


Contact Information:

If you are interested, please contact the Academic Dean at 206-853-5981, or the Office Manager at 206-683-9149.


WuHsing Healing Center‘s Mission Statement

WuHsing mission is to teach with wisdom so that more compassionate practitioners can go out into the world and bring, those in need into harmony with Nature, making all efforts to reduce their suffering by restoring their health.