apples200Frequently Asked Questions
Who Comes for Acupuncture Treatment?
Experience has proven acupuncture to be a powerful tool for reinstating and supporting Nature’s innate ability to bring about healing. Because treatment is tailored to the needs of every person on every level, we welcome patients of any age or condition; ranging from children to the elderly, well or seriously ill.

What are the Responses to Treatment?
Because every individual is unique, the response to treatment varies from person to person. It is possible that the initial changes may first improve your overall health, before affecting your main complaint. Or, you may notice a marked improvement in your main complaint right away. You may feel revitalized mentally and emotionally, as well as physically, or you may experience only subtle changes that become obvious later when you turn your attention back to how you used to feel.

How Many Treatments Will Be Needed, and How Frequently?
The duration and frequency of treatment depends upon a variety of factors: the severity of the complaint and how long you have suffered from the complaint. Some people require treatment once a week until improvement has been achieved. Thereafter, treatments are spaced out to once every two weeks, then every three, then monthly, until finally a checkup at the change of seasons is all that is necessary.

After wellness has been achieved and seasonal checkups are under way, a person may break a law of nature of suffer physical or emotional trauma, thereby putting the Chi-energy out of balance. In this case, a series of treatments may once again be necessary to restore harmony and balance.

Do the Needles Hurt?
This is common question. The answer varies from person to person because the experience of feeling the energy shift inside the body is so new to most people that it is difficult to find words to describe the sensation. The needles are very thin (as thin as a strand of hair or a very fine guitar sting). Needling an acupuncture point does not cause bleeding. Be assured that your experience cannot be compared to getting a “shot” from a Western medical doctor.


How Can You Support Your Progress?
Before your appointment:
Do not take a thorough soap bath or shower
Do not use heavy scents or colognes
Do not use too much make-up
Avoid a heavy meal right before your appointment
After your appointment allow at least 1 half hour before you eat
After your appointment, allow at least 4 hours before:
Strenuous exercise
High stress situations
Consumption of alcohol
Extreme temperature changes

Between visits, please take notice of anything that is different, such as changes in:
Your sleep patterns
Your digestion
Your other bodily functions
Your daily energy fluctuations
Your dreams
Your emotions
How you are coping with events in your life
Also notice anything that remains the same

Following these recommendations gives the Chi-energy a chance to assimilate the change that has taken place from the treatment.