Letter from Our Director


Welcome to our School.

Every time period in history has a cultural focus, reflecting a stage of development in the evolution of the human species. Every civilization developed an aspect of the common knowledge which today everyone benefits from. We learn from history what we inherited from ancient Egypt, Persia, India, China, Greece, Rome, from Africa to the Americas, from Asia to Europe.

All these cultures produced art, literature, spiritual teachings, mathematics, astronomy, science and medicine, leaving records of it in our consciousness or letting us unconsciously accept it as common knowledge. History gives us many examples of how discoveries of the past could be put to use in order to address the challenges of the current era. The unearthing of old knowledge and resurrecting it in another era is called a renaissance, a rebirth, just like the Renaissance period in history reflected a rebirth of thinking, of science after the Dark Ages. It was an example of how ancient principles could be applied to challenges of the current era, how the wisdom of the past can be the gift for today.

This is what Traditional Five Element Acupuncture has become for healthcare in our time. The underlying principles apply for health in our society now more than ever. Most people today do not suffer from devastating epidemics or exposure to harsh environments. Most people in our physically pampered society suffer health problems that often have their root in psychological wounds, which is why in medicine today there is a trend to honor the body/mind connection. Practitioners of Five Element Acupuncture extend this connection to the spirit and are able to address all three levels in a very pragmatic, clinical way.

This is why this system of medicine is fulfilling a need for more and more patients that suffer from serious ailments of the spirit, or are tormented by the conflicts in their mind. The rise in depression and the need for psychological counseling is testimony to that fact, creating a whole new group of pharmaceuticals as an attempt to treat those suffering. This explains why the ancient system of Five Element Acupuncture is experiencing a renaissance, a rebirth in our time: it has a direct treatment for the mind and the spirit, in addition to treating the body.

We have been blessed by the fact that Professor JR Worsley rediscovered this system from classical times in China and brought it to the West. He created the principles for training students to become qualified practitioners of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and he trained teachers to carry on this Tradition. I want to give you what I have learned and received throughout my 18 years under the tutelage of Professor JR Worsley, my 27 years working with my patients, and as a classroom teacher at NIAOM, Bastyr University, WICCA, and AFEA. My mission as Director of WuHsing Tao School and Core Faculty member is to pass on to you all the knowledge and experience I have learned in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture.

So I hope you join us as a patient, as a student or as an advanced practitioner to be part of this Renaissance. We look forward to meeting you.


Dr. Dirk P. Hein PhD, M.Ac (UK)
Program Director