General Education Prerequisites

While our curriculum meets all State as well as National requirements for hours and credits, our deeper commitment is to developing the student into an instrument of this medicine, dedicated to the well being of the patient, the fundamental principles of this medicine, and to embody the character of a healer.

  • Associate’s Degree in Arts or Sciences, or equivalent (90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits)
    Degree or credits earned must be from an institution(s) accredited by a federally recognized agency. Of the 90 quarter credits, a minimum of 30 quarter credits must be obtained through general education courses i.e. courses that cover written communication skills, quantitative skills, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Anatomy & Physiology- 10 quarter credits
    Anatomy & Physiology can be transferred or taken concurrently during the first year of study at WuHsing Tao School. At the discretion of the Admissions office, applicants who have not taken A&P within 6 years may be asked to take a proficiency exam and/or repeat the course.
  • Microbiology- 1 quarter credit
  • CPR- 1 quarter credit
  • Hygiene Clean Needle Technique- 1 quarter credit
  • Pathology- 3 quarter credits
  • Biochemistry- 3 quarter credits
  • Pharmacology- 3 quarter credits
  • Western Science Electives- 24 quarter credits (exclusive of the above listed Western Science courses)

Treatment Prerequisite

  • Applicants must be currently receiving Five Element Acupuncture Treatments from a Five Element practitioner of their choice that has graduated from a Five Element Acupuncture School. If needed, your Admissions Officer can provide you with a referral list of Five Element practitioners in the area.
  • As an ongoing aspect of student’s education, they must continue with treatment as directed by their practitioner and be checked at least once a month.

What WuHsing Tao School Looks for in an Applicant

  • Strong background in a personal meditative discipline.
  • Passion to learn this system of medicine.
  • Has the ability to reflect on personal growth and/or has experienced a personal transformation.
  • Inspired to be a healer.

Application Process

Course Catalog

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