School History


WuHsing Tao School came to sprout, grow and bloom from the fertile efforts of students and healthcare providers in the Northwest community. Their watering and tending the seeds of the Five Element teaching they had received created the need for a place, a garden, where they could grow.

The “garden,” this School was founded in 1997 by Dirk P. Hein, a Master of Five Element Acupuncture, Senior Practitioner and teacher certified by Professor JR Worsley with whom he had studied since 1980.

The original Post Graduate Certificate course was expanded in 1999 into a full professional program qualifying graduates to apply for a Washington State acupuncture license.

The philosophy of the School’s teaching follows closely the principles passed down by Professor JR Worsley, using only those teachers on the faculty that graduated from authentic Five Element schools that carry on this tradition. Besides following the Natural Laws in all treatments, the main principle of the teaching is that of diagnosing and treating the Causative Factor or the “Achilles Heel” in the patient’s health.

Assisting Nature to restore the inherent self-healing mechanisms that everyone has by treating the “festering wound” in someone’s energy allows for a more permanent cure and self-sustaining state of health. Following the teaching of JR Worsley, practitioners of this system of medicine must develop the sensitivity to perceive this “Achilles Heel” or Causative Factor in their patients as well as the know-how to treat it.

WuHsing Tao School is committed to the development of precisely such skills and awareness in its students. Therefore, in addition to becoming steeped in the tradition of Oriental philosophy and medicine, the program emphasizes teaching methods that facilitate these aspects of education.

Subjects include art and music, literature and poetry, drama and role-play, Yoga and meditation, in order to graduate practitioners that are sensitive to needs of any type of patient’s personality and have the skills to affect a positive change in their energy and health.