“At first I wasn’t sure as to what to expect. I was very surprised at the outcome. I found very warm and wonderful people who truly interested in learning and helping me to achieve what I needed to improve my well being. I could feel changes happen with each visit, and my emotion and overall health improved and still does today. I will continue the Five Element and embrace their warmth and knowledge of our mind and bodies.”
-Sherry W. Seattle WA

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars on western medicine, with no answers. Five Elements is the first thing to actually give me answers and seem to be making a real difference.”
-Jennifer K. Seattle WA

“I had no expectations or knowledge of this type of medicine, and have been amazed at the clear quick benefits I have experienced.”
– Craig A.

“I found Dirk Hein more than ten years ago after my teenage daughter experienced very positive relief from Dirk’s Five Element Acupuncture (treatments). I was a very Western Medicine oriented person but I now know first hand (or foot or leg or back-wherever he puts the needles) the power of Five Element Acupuncture.

I suffered from multiple injuries to my cervical and lumbar spine and had undergone years of steroid injections. After Dirk’s treatments, I NEVER again required steroid injections and improved to the point I am almost pain free. Major bonuses have included relief from stress, the granting of a “10,000 foot perspective’ when faced with personal and business problems, and a return to sound sleep all night instead of waking at 2 or 3am. I am very curious and analytical and want to know as much as I can about this incredible form of treatment. I do not understand it fully but I know it works and I am very grateful. I have had many students take my pulses and observe my treatments. I am so pleased Dirk and Chaitania and the WuHsing Tao faculty and students will make our community and world a better, healthier and happier place to live and work.”
John H.. Attorney

“Five Element acupuncture has become a regular part of my wellness routine. I am a nurse and believe all people should have access to medical treatment and alternative therapies. Different, and not always the therapies and treatments you would expect can heal a person or improve their wellness and quality of life.

Many years ago I experienced much loss in my life in the Fall, including death of a family member and divorce. At the same time days were becoming longer and darker and I am quite sensitive to lack of daylight. I had two small children and was working full time. Initially my health care provider referred me to acupuncture for a muscle injury in my back. I was on antidepressants at the time. A friend had been using Five Element acupuncture and I did not at the time differentiate between this and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)acupuncture. I began treatments and resolved my injury with a combination of acupuncture and massage.

At the same time I bean feeling a sense of balance in my life after a series of treatments which I attributed to Five Element Acupuncture. In a very short time, I stopped the antidepressants. I no longer experience the level of depression in the Fall and Winter, and regularly return for treatments. This therapy has allowed me to reclaim a sense of balance and even out my moods.”
Susan H., Nurse

“The treatment has helped my health and wellbeing. I feel better in general and am using fewer medications. I have had fewer acute illnesses since I started getting the treatments.”
Christy F.

“Acupuncture has helped me keep my ADHD under control and has helped keep me awake. Now I only come once every 2 months as opposed to once every 2 weeks when I started.”
Briana W.M

“I started with Five Element acupuncture to help with a health issue (atrial fibrillation) I feel that it has complimented my Western medicine very well and has helped stabilize my condition.. It has also been very helpful with joint and muscle pain.”
Wendell F.

“I have found this system of medicine valuable. It is the only modality (that) changes me spiritually as well as physically. I feel netter when I leave Dirk’s office”
Konnie S.

“Since being treated with Five Element acupuncture, my internal health and overall well-being has much improved. I look forward to my appointments and the positive feeling after my treatments”
Jerome P.

“My health has greatly improved since I started coming to the WuHsing Tao’s PTSD Clinic. My symptoms, some of them decades old, have improved. The treatment has given me new insights into body functioning and healing alternatives. I came to the clinic with symptoms related to bi-polar disorder, stomach pains, the need for greater than average sleep and general body pain. The treatment I received has helped me complete more work with longer hours, symptom-free. I’m less irritable. I’ve discovered greater opportunities for social activities and there is the potential of increased income, too. I enjoyed excellent interaction with the practitioners and the interns. It was a great opportunity to learn Eastern healing treatment, in body and mind.”
Ed P.

“Working with the WuHsing Tao staff has helped me through a hard time in my life, and for that I am extremely grateful”
Elizabeth P.

“I am a 17-year long patient of Dirk Hein. I also have quite a travel trek across the country from Columbus, Ohio, to Seattle for my treatments.
I make the commitment of time and effort because of the great return on investment I receive from my session with Dirk.
Five Element Acupuncture considers m whole physical, spiritual and mental being; my whole system.
Some time ago, I had severe pneumonia and my chest was very constricted. Dirk’s treatments dramatically opened my lungs so I could breathe. The great physical relief helped my spiritual senses and accelerated my recovery from sickness to health.

Five Element Acupuncture also helps me get aligned with daily life. I have a lot of pressure and work responsibility serving as president and CEO of a tri-state organization. Acupuncture helps me channel the great majority of that stress into positive energy, to achieve my business goals.
Sometimes my energy level is down, and due to my hectic schedule, I don’t even realize it. When I have a treatment, Dirk aligns and raises my energy, which makes me feel healthy and whole again. I sleep better, and simply remain calmer in the face of my challenges.
Dirk and Five element Acupuncture has, and always will, provide one of the great enhancements to the quality of my life experience.

I just plain feel good. I feel settled. I also hope many more people will, over the years, have the opportunity to be helped by this warm, wonderful man and his amazing art of acupuncture and natural healing.”
Susan M, President and CEO